Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy is a music producer and DJ renowned for an eclectic and inventive musical sense, shown in both his productions and live sets. He draws from jazz, house, hip-hop and funk without ever falling squarely into a single category. First establishing himself with a string of up-tempo remixes and genre-bending originals, Birthday Boy has earned the praise of outlets such as Pitchfork through a collaboration with fellow Toronto artist a l l i e. As he continues to impress audiences from the WayHome festival to the Hoxton, Birthday Boy has his hand in several upcoming projects from rising Canadian and international artists, all while continuing to prep his debut album.


Maddee's debut vocal work on Harrison's 'How Can It Be' EP was crucial to its success - the timbre of her voice provided a sultry contrast to Harrison's spritely, teasing instrumentals. On 'Blind Eyes', her latest single, that same palpable vitality takes hold, gripping listeners at every turn. At only seventeen years of age, Maddee's talents have already been on display at the likes of Canadian Music Week, the Art Gallery of Ontario and Bestival. With a slew of new shows and her first solo project in the works, there's no telling what the future holds for this exceptional talent.


It's hard to believe that Shagabond is just eighteen years old. From the slow trot of his bedroom disco to the shimmer of his x-rated galaxy hops, each of his tunes combines a mature sense of style, craft and creativity. That burgeoning talent has earned him the respect of artists at home and abroad. Since his song 'Coral Soup' was featured on their 2014 compilation album, Shagabond has shared the stage with Bondax and a slough of other up-and-coming artists like POMO, Andrea, Tommy Jacob, Sean Leon and NUDE's own Birthday Boy and Nightizm.


Dahae Song

Dahae Song is a South Korean, Toronto based interdisciplinary artist, currently attending OCAD University for a BFA in Drawing and Painting. Her work deals with issues of human experience and construction of memory and identity in a technologically mediated world, such as Dissociative disorders that arise from the digitization of interaction and relationships. Song explores these concepts through the symbiosis of traditional mediums and the aesthetics of the digital era.


Dillon Nusca

Dillon Nusca is an illustrator and designer currently living in Toronto. His works vary from piece to piece, and has has a sense of comedic relief within the context of his work. His work is currently focusing on fusing the medias of photography and painting, and putting his characters into a real life setting.


Katie Morton

Katie Morton is a mixed media artist based out of Huntsville, Ontario. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University and recently completed the Xpace Artscape Gibraltar Point Residency. She uses personal experience and play to reposition the subject and self in idealized or nonsensical settings. Tackling the problematic ideals that media and culture have fostered about what a woman should be, she explores anecdotal problems, fantasy, sexuality and unsettling hilarity to subvert the male gaze. By painting fearless, grotesque women who challenge the art audience with their stare, she takes the power away from the voyeur and puts it into the hands of the subject.


Madeleine Gross

Madeleine Gross is a Toronto-based mixed media artist and photographer, who has developed a body of work that combines acrylic brush strokes with photographic prints. Using her own photographs shot in a variety of locations around North America, she drips, smears, and splashes layers of paint in an expressive fashion. Madeleine has focused on creating subtle narratives using iconic locations and unsuspected human scenery. The enhanced photographs not only add emotional cues but disrupt and add depth to the frames which now project an element of abstraction. Madeleine graduated in 2015 from OCAD University with a B.F.A. in Photography.


Mike Chmil

Mike Chmil is a mixed media artist based out of Toronto, Ontario. Combining the base properties of geometric abstraction and realism he explores the relationship between dimension and space.




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